‘Green State of Mind’

So who here has not heard of ‘green?’ No not the color green! I mean ‘green’ as in buying green products or maybe living a sustainable life or businesses going green.

i can say that you have been living under a rock.

 (no pun intended…if you get it)

Now, you should be living under a GREEN rock!

Many consumers (well….from what i saw and heard) and businesses are having what I call a ‘green mentality or a green state of mind‘ these past few decades. In search of the right product to purchase, most consumers today look to see if the product in their hands are an environmental-friendly product. Many businesses are consumer-oriented; driven to constantly bring out products that consumers would love to buy and use and driven to satisfy the endless needs and wants of consumers. In this day and age (I say this in the same way one would say,”It’s 2013!! How do you not have an IPhone?!”), there is not a company or product I see that does not include in their vision that they are an eco-friendly company. Even if a bag of chips does not directly say, “this is an environmental product,” it still has a small logo that indicates that it is recyclable.

In order for businesses to attract green consumers, they must use green marketing. I will try to explain in my own words to explain what green marketing means. Green marketing is the marketing tactics and practices a company uses to grab the attention and satisfy the needs of consumers by  focusing on environmental concerns and aspects.

P.S!!! The dark force (Star Wars) behind green marketing! Be extra careful that you are not an innocent victim of false claims! Because of the growing demand of greener products, many companies take advantage of the green revolution by intentionally establishing false or exaggerated “green” claims. As this is a big and thriving industry, they see the clear benefits of green marketing. A business futurist, Erica Orange provides us with a nifty quote: “The primary objective of greenwashing is to provide consumers with the feeling that the organization is taking the necessary steps to responsibly manage its ecological footprint. In reality, the company may be doing very little that is environmentally beneficial.” And so behold! This unmoral practice is named greenwashing.

Let’s all be careful and protect our earth. Let’s be eco-friendly! Join in on all the action with these engaging organizations: Take Part and be informed! This good site gives a great list of environmental organizations in NJ. 




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