“Earth provides…

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Business Ethics

This entails my 4th blog post and it will be (as the post title suggests) about business ethics!

First off, kudos to my Management 190 textbook: Contemporary Business (Entrepreneurship Ed.) for giving me the idea of this post and for giving me some first-hand information and knowledge.

Business Ethics
Simply put, business ethics is defined as the standard principles of moral and conduct values regarding right and wrong actions in a business setting. Business ethics also offer a simple framework that businesses can follow in order to gain public trust. Firms, corporations, and small businesses all have difficult decisions to make when considering social issues. Within a business, individuals can make an effect on the overall conduct of the environment. A simple code of ethics or code of conduct assists individuals when they are making a decision.

Importance of Business Ethics

So the image above shows  the question, “How important are ethics in today’s society?” We can see that the people in the image are not paying attention to the blackboard and the unseen instructor.

Corporate Social Responsibility


For engaging business news, follow the WSJ, Businessweek or any other great business newspaper/magazine.

Let’s all be careful and protect our earth. Let’s be eco-friendly! Join in on all the action with these engaging organizations: Take Part and be informed! This good site gives a great list of environmental organizations in NJ.