About me

So why is my blog title ‘sweet goguma obsession‘ you ask? This unique title comes from my love of 고구마 (goguma), hence obsession! Goguma is the word for Korean sweet and delicious potatoes. Now how does this relate to marketing and being green? Since I do love goguma, I wouldn’t like it if there was none growing anymore.  If our soil is damaged, we would not be able to grow any vegetables. Well, I wouldn’t exactly break down and cry but as I frequently eat it as a scrumptious snack, I would be upset. But the only way this would happen is if we, as human beings living on this planet, do not take care of our precious environment.

And this is where I come in. My name is Jane Kang. I am a sophomore, majoring in science, technology, and society. Further into my STS major, I hope to specialize in environmental and sustainability studies. Apart from studying a major, many students consider declaring a minor about a certain interest. For me, that would be business. Or more specifically, marketing.

Let’s all be careful and protect our earth. Let’s be eco-friendly! Join in on all the action with these engaging organizations: Take Part and be informed! This good site gives a great list of environmental organizations in NJ. 




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